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Founded in 2004, Londonist is a site about London and everything that happens in it. Currently there are over 27,000 articles written by contributors since its inception. It has recently been named by The Daily Mail as the second more useful, inspiring and entertaining web for exploring London town (above TFL and Time Out)

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"Appfly really do care about the sites and apps they develop. They took a genuine interest in what we do and what we publish. It's a much warmer and more fruitful relationship than working with a 'just tell us what to build' developer." Matt Brown, Editor at Large, Londonist

The new website was built from the ground up to provide a fluid layout across the variety of platforms in desktop, tablet and mobile form. A smart system of categorisation was incorporated to be sure that on all pages there are related content links available for the user to find.

The backend is a bespoke content management system built in Ruby on Rails and included a full import and conversion from the legacy Wordpress platform.

Full integration with social media publishing and email marketing enables the editorial team to have the maximum tools available to hand.

Performance is key with Londonist, it uses a custom caching system based on Redis that allow for super fast load, combined with a fast content delivery network for assets.

Services Included

  • UX/wireframing
  • Website design
  • Bespoke CMS
  • Front-end build
  • Back-end development