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In association with Skinny Creative, Appfly helped redevelop the new website for Marcus Watches, a luxury watch boutique in Mayfair.

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Marcus Watches

The new website includes such Javascript functions as seamless page loading - navigating will pre-load the next page via javascript and then fulfil an animation to load it. This also uses History.JS which allows the browser tracking of history - e.g. back/forward buttons without reloading the entire page.

The Uniques section of the new site contains a wide range of javascript technologies which showcase their great brands, including an animation that moves based on mouse location, a page turner based on Turn.JS and great moving effects based on a Parallax library.

As well as being heavy in animation and javascript effects, the entire library is scripted to be degradable gracefully, allowing for excellent search engine optimisation.

The layouts conform to a responsive force, with four different screen sizes, and each one allowing variable widths.

Supporting the front end website is a content management system, bespoke and written with Appfly's great CMS technologies based on Ruby on Rails and integrating with Heroku's excellent platform. A fast Postgres database and WebSOLR search engine supports the back and front end.

Services included:

  • Frontend Development
  • Bespoke Content Management System
Marcus Watches